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Monday, January 28th, 2002
12:56 pm

From now on, just add our regular journals as friends. This community will be for special occasions only, like the semi-annual Save The Marshlands Tango Contest!

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Wednesday, January 30th, 2002
4:21 pm

I wish Blanche had never let us get this damn computer. Since Ma discovered the internet, she's already submitted my photo to SparkMatch, BME Personals and Makeoutclub. I can't believe the grammar these kids are using in their personal ads!

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2:52 pm

picture it - miami, 2002.

an aging italian immigrant, surprisingly still alive after years of nonstop cheesecake consumption, discovers the information superhighway. after haunting irc chat rooms and picking up some l337 hax0rz (and selling blanche's hideous vase on eBay, but i digress), she decides to open a livejournal.

hello, boys. date my daughter.

current mood: thoughtful

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2:12 pm

My My sir, I do believe you're jealous of my new journal.

Daddy says I type in it like honey dew making love to a sweet maple leaf on the earliest of april mornings.

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2:00 pm

Turns out Stan's "fool your friends with cutlery" business didn't work out and now Dorothy is back here with us.

It's a good thing "moose" is back because without her help we would have never convinced Blanche to let us get an internet connection in the house. She kept saying that her "gentlemen callers" wouldn't be able to get through.

I remember one time back in St. Olaf when I really wanted a Svetlana lumberjill mill house. Mother told me we didn't have the money so I twisted my little hands churning butter so much until finally I got all the money, which I ended up donated to the "emu's holiday jamacain fest"

it's cheesecake time.

current mood: cheerful

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